Windows 微软免费工具集 PowerToys(0.68.1)

微软名为 PowerToys 是一款微软出的免费工具集,它可以用于高级用户调整和简化 Windows 操作,以提高效率。通过与 Windows 10/Windows 11 shell 搭配使用,同时让用户可以自定义各个工作流。


elease v0.68.1 This is a patch release to fix issues in v.068.0 to fix some bugs we deemed important for stability based on incoming rates. See v0.68.0 for full release notes.
#24446 – Support Ctrl+V as activation shortcut for Paste As Plain Text, as requested by some users.
Warning: Overriding a default system shortcut might have unintended consequences.
#24437 – Paste As Plain Text – Support pasting multiple times as Ctrl+V does (on pressing activation key while holding modification keys)
#24491 – Set Paste As Plain Text default shortcut to Ctrl+Win+Alt+V to avoid conflicting with new Windows volume mixer shortcut.
#24600 – Add PowerToys Run setting to disable thumbnails generation for files in order to narrow down the root cause of the crash.




Windows 微软免费工具集 PowerToys(0.68.1)